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Rare Flying PT-19 Returning to Hagerstown August 18 10:00 am


Susan Sullam

(HAGERSTOWN August 16, 2007) ? A rare FLYING PT-19 aircraft is flying to Hagerstown, and is being donated to the Hagerstown Aviation Museum. The PT-19 was manufactured in Hagerstown by the Fairchild company starting in 1939 and through the very early 1940's.

The surprise donation came about because of the news about the C-82, and this historic training plane donation makes for the fourth plane donated to our museum in less than a year. There are only about 240 flying PT-19's left in the world, so this is a very unusual and historic donation to the museum.

The Hagerstown Aviation has the largest museum-owned collection of historic aircraft in the State of Maryland. The museum acquired the last flying C-82 Packet, nicknamed the Flying Boxcar, in an auction. The aircraft returned last October on its last flight, ever. Following the publicity of that donation, a C-119 was donated, along with an AT-6, and a display PT-19.

The donation of the flying PT-19 means that the museum has two of the rare planes, the only museum in the US that can lay claim to this honor.

The plane is flying all the way from Indiana. It's unknown ("up in the air") at this moment WHEN the pilot will be able to make it to Hagerstown...the plane flies at a top speed of about 100 miles per hour. The plane's range is about 240 miles.

The aircraft is a trainer, a two place, tandem seating, cantilever low-wing monoplane with fabric-covered welded steel tube fuselage, fixed landing gear, plywood-covered wood center section, outer wing panels and tail assembly. There were over 4,500 manufactured in Hagerstown (of this model), and TENS OF THOUSANDS of pilots trained on this aircraft preparing for World War II service. By 1944, more World War II pilots had received their first introduction to military flight in Fairchild PT's than in any other aircraft. This number includes not only US and Canadian students but pilots from Great Britain, France, Norway, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Rhodesian and India.

The nickname of the PT-19 was "The Cornell."

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