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Hagerstown Airport Receives Next-Generation Security Scanner


Carolyn Motz

(August 4, 2006) — Hagerstown Regional Airport is among the first airports in the country to receive a Reveal Explosive Detection System (EDS) for checked baggage screening. The Reveal CT-80 machine, which is smaller in size and costs less than half the other EDS machines currently in use at commercial airports nationwide, will augment the other forms of explosives detection equipment already in place at Hagerstown.

Airport Manager Carolyn Motz stated, ?We are flattered that Hagerstown Regional Airport has once again been selected by the Federal Government to play an important role in enhancing the security of our air transportation system.?

The automated EDS is the product of Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc. of Bedford, Mass. Following the success of a pilot program at three major airports in late 2005, the TSA has ordered 73 of the Reveal machines. The Reveal technology was specifically designed to be a replacement at small and mid-sized airports with lower passenger volumes that do not require the throughput of larger, more expensive EDS machines.

The Reveal CT-80 can perform an extensive analysis of the contents of a passenger?s bag in a limited time. Additional information is available at

Routine screening of checked baggage using the Reveal CT-80 will commence at Hagerstown Regional Airport this month.

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For more information about Reveal, contact: Gene Bellotti (978) 266-1792

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