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Hagerstown Aviation Museum, MPT Airing of Documentary, Fairchild Fly-In


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Hagerstown Aviation Museum and 
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Tom Riford
Hagerstown-Washington County CVB

Ribbon Cutting/Grand Opening Set For Hagerstown Aviation Museum Interest In Aviation History Includes The Broadcast Television Premier Of Hagerstown Aviation Documentary on Maryland Public Television and Coincides With Annual Fly-In at Hagerstown Regional Airport

(Hagerstown, MD June 29, 2005) -- According to organizers of the Hagerstown Aviation Museum, a grand opening ceremony and ribbon cutting is scheduled for July 14th at 10am. The new Hagerstown Aviation Museum celebrates and honors the achievements in aviation in Washington County. Additionally, Maryland Public Television is premiering a documentary about Hagerstown's contributions to aviation.

Hagerstown Aviation Museum President Kurtis Meyers said, "The museum's collection came from dedicated people throughout the community, who have a strong desire to display memorabilia from Hagerstown's aviation past. Our county was home to significant manufacturers including Bellanca, Kreider-Reisner, and Fairchild. Hagerstown was known for making world famous airplanes, and this new museum is a collection that will help sustain interest in the part that Hagerstown played in this industry." Meyers said that the new museum is housed in the Discovery Station building on 101 West Washington Street.

Museum organizers said that the Discovery Station has been terrific to provide space for the aviation exhibits. Meyers said, "We are housed in the Discovery Station Transportation Gallery, which truly offers a fun-filled adventure in learning. We want to welcome people to stroll through the Hagerstown Aviation Museum and experience the pioneering achievements that for over seventy years made Hagerstown one of the leading centers of aircraft manufacturing."

The July 14th official grand opening coincides with an upswing in interest of Hagerstown's aviation history. Maryland Public Television has announced the broadcast premier of the film: "Hagerstown: Remembering Our Aviation History." The film will be shown on Maryland Public Television on July 12th at 10pm and again on July 15th at 11pm. The documentary was produced by Vintage Video Productions, and the MPT special broadcasts are sponsored by the Richard A Henson Foundation, Inc. and the Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Maryland Public Television said in a news release: "The unique and untold story of Hagerstown's aviation past unfolds in this new documentary film by Vintage Video Productions. With many never before released images and an extensive collection of rare local film footage, this documentary is sure to pique the interest of Fairchild and Hagerstown aviation enthusiasts everywhere!"

According to Tom Riford, President of the Hagerstown-Washington County CVB, "We are very pleased to partner with the Henson Foundation to help bring this positive story to the television screen. To have this documentary shown on prime time TV is a wonderful testament to the hard-work of the movie's production team who are also behind the new Hagerstown Aviation Museum." Riford also said that thousands of people will learn about Hagerstown's aviation history, right before the weekend of the big annual Fly-In and Fairchild Reunion set for July 15-17. "It's an exciting event, the ribbon cutting, the movie's TV premier, and the fly-in all happening in the same week!" Riford said that thousands of people are expected for the annual aviation event to be held at the Hagerstown Regional Airport, at Hagerstown Aircraft Services. Historic aircraft displays, a 1940's dance, discovery flights, experimental aircraft, and bus tours are included in the weekend event.

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