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Recent FAA Audit Yields High Marks


Carolyn Motz
Greg Larsen

An evaluation and audit was recently conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the Air Traffic Control facility (?Tower?) at Hagerstown Regional Airport. This facility is managed and operated by Midwest Air Traffic Control Services, Inc. under contract with the FAA.

Air Traffic Evaluations is a national program designed to evaluate compliance with specified directives and procedures. This semi-annual assessment assures the continued quality and effectiveness of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) facility by conducting a comprehensive evaluation and audit of facilities. Evaluators conduct their examination through direct observation of the controllers, observation of training activities, and review of administrative records.

The Hagerstown Tower recently earned a 100% (the highest score) on its evaluation. The national average for Air Traffic Evaluations is 91%. The checklist used to evaluate facilities contains over 170 individual items that cover a broad gamut of topics. The wide-ranging topics and the ever-changing aviation system make Hagerstown's score that much more remarkable.

For additional information about Hagertstown?s ATC facilities or Hagerstown Regional Airport please refer to or call Carolyn Motz or Greg Larsen at (240) 313-2777.

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