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Air Service Development ? Hagerstown Regional Airport (HGR)


Greg Larsen
Hagerstown Regional Airport

By Carolyn S. Motz, Airport Manager

The big news for Hagerstown Regional Airport and US Airways in May is the arrival of Piedmont Airlines service to Pittsburgh. In case you haven?t heard, Piedmont, a wholly owned subsidiary of US Airways, will be bringing the wonderful deHavilland Dash 8 aircraft here for that service. It is a 37-passenger turbo propjet aircraft, which features a flight attendant and a lavatory. You will find it to be roomier than many commuter airlines. And, it will give us more capacity from our airport during its four flights daily. We encourage you to call US Airways at 1(800) 428-4322 or get on-line at to book your flight to wherever from Hagerstown. Check the price and weigh it with the convenience of flying from your home community.

Recently an article appeared in Fort Wayne International Airport?s ?Skywriting? publication about that community?s air service. It talked about the facility?s customers coming from a 50-mile radius around the airport. The focus of the writing was the fact that the airport loses a high percentage of customers to other communities, such as Indianapolis, South Bend, Detroit, Toledo and Chicago. Sound familiar? I could have authored the article myself regarding Hagerstown Regional Airport. I would have told how our potential customers drive to BWI, Dulles and National. The bottom line is that it describes one of our biggest challenges ? leakage.

Tory Richardson, the Executive Director of Fort Wayne said it so well: ?Leakage degrades our air service and lessens our ability to improve it.? As with all businesses, the more customers we get, the more money we as a community and airport receive. This money is used to take care of locally owned facilities, to pay employees and to improve services. By the same respect, the fewer customers we receive, the less money we receive. Since many folks need to travel anyway, the recipient of our local dollars is another airport in another locality, or even another state. So Hagerstown loses out on your investment into a community asset and essentially that investment goes elsewhere. This same leakage insures the growth and development of another airport and facilities, while denying our own communities.

As we focus on increasing customer service, just like this new service to Pittsburgh, we invite you to assist us, join us and grow with us. Try to fly from HGR. Compare the cost of ticketing, parking, driving and your time. When at all possible, come fly with us. And as Tory Richardson put it, ?we are going the extra distance so you don?t have to.? It is an investment in your community.

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